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Recognize a gap between skills and results?

It's time to develop confident, inspiring, and effective leaders who can drive team performance and achieve organizational goals while creating a culture of accountability, innovation, and cohesion within your teams.

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Organizations we've helped include...

Big Brother Big Sisters of America
Children's Health
City of Houston, Texas

Develop your Leaders and Teams...

Tameka Rushing

Crafting a Tailored Strategy

The old way doesn't work anymore! Generic workshops and seminars aren't tailored to your unique needs, DIY approaches lack support and guidance, and in-house mentoring lacks a structured plan to generate results.

In a new era of business and culture, it's time for a different approach. One that nurtures autonomy and innovation while improving team cohesion and performance.

We'll create a customized program and comprehensive pathway to generate results with our P.I.V.O.T. Framework.

Your customized program includes:

Group Support Sessions

Group coaching sessions offering community support, shared experiences, and peer learning.

Individual Coaching & Support

Strong support system with one-on-one coaching, allowing for personal growth at an individual's pace.

Assessment & Feedback

Ongoing assessment and feedback, ensuring that leaders are making progress and adjusting strategies.

Customized Training & Workshops

Curated training and workshops to support the needs of your leaders and teams.

Meet Your Facilitator

Tameka Rushing

Bestselling Author | Speaker | Veteran | Coach | Leadership Expert

She is a visionary leader and an architect of personal growth. With over two decades of experience in military leadership training and corporate associate development, she has an established record of fostering potent leadership transformations. Tameka’s unique ability to recognize the untapped potential in first-time leaders and guide them to embrace an inspiring people-leader mindset has set her apart in the industry.

Tameka Rushing


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Development Workshops

How we are different...

Goup Meeting

It's about the P.I.V.O.T.

Our P.I.V.O.T. framework is a personalized, holistic leadership development journey, not just piecemeal advice or cookie-cutter coaching.

You'll move beyond theory with an emphasis on practical skills and real-world applications that generate results. Focusing on innovative leadership practices, encouraging leaders to think outside conventional paradigms.

Are you ready for consistent results?

Let's work together to develop innovative leaders and cohesive teams that think outside the box to increase performance.

What our Clients are saying...

Michael Dilt

"Tameka has proven herself to be an extraordinary leader with a strategic vision that is matched by few. Her intuitive understanding of operational processes, health matters, and morale dynamics has driven substantial enhancements within our directorate, particularly in personnel engagement and productivity."

Michael Dilt

Chief, Strategy & Integration Division

Ashley Ridgeway-Washington Esq.

"What an impactful investment of our time and resources! Tameka demonstrated a deep understanding of the DiSC behavioral model and utilized it effectively to enlighten our team about individual work styles, communication preferences, and potential areas for growth. Her engaging delivery ensured every participant felt comfortable and motivated to contribute."

Ashley Ridgeway-Washington Esq.

CHRO | Problem Solver | Success Coach | Engagement Guru | Storyteller

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If the right fit, our team will craft your CUSTOMIZED program to implement those strategies and close gaps quickly to ensure lasting success.

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